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“A man comes around now.”

A girl known as K comes into existence, fated to follow a nameless man without question, despite the fact that this situation is making her question everything.

Another girl, known as E, wakes one morning to find the same man standing in her kitchen. She does not waste a moment questioning his presence. She has been expecting him - he is the personification of a lifetime of anxiety and guilt and will cause her to lose herself to self-examination.

Jonas Wunderman, an amateur artist and part-time addict, has abandoned all notions of introspection entirely and is unable to see that he could actually help both of them. He may not even want to - he has other fish to fry, such as criticising his friends’ relationships, trying to remain sober, and attempting to understand exactly what E was telling him when she said, "a man comes around now."

The interwoven history of Jonas, E and K is further complicated by their group of friends; Stepek, Julie, Hutch, Norf, a couple of Rachels and Jonas's closest friend, Mose, whose unexpected death forced into being the events of this story.


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readers' comments

some comments from a few people who've read the novel

"It's weird but not too weird - I like mainstream and this was a perfect balance."

"I'd say, "Seinfeld meets Friends meets Trainspotting meets David Lynch."

"I started Part Three and just couldn't put the book down!"

"I loved all the characters and it became a part of my life while I read it, so I didn’t want to rush through it."

"It’s addictive - funny and extemely emotional."

"As soon as I finished it I wanted to go back and read the start again."

"You took a downbeat subject matter and made it absolutely hilarious."

about the author


Brian Downie is a writer, photographer, musician of sorts and the author of the novel Beyond Wunderman. Born and raised in Edinburgh, he now lives outside Paris with his two sons.

He appears to do his best writing on public transport.

You can visit him online at one of the links below.

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