Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Exhausting Complexities of Want.

Moments later the joke was firmly on me as my mind and body finally relaxed enough to let the tricky questions pour in. I felt transcendent enough to appraise my own faux-ignorant mess from above, and chose to fight those questions back with excuses. Listless still, however, I could eventually do nothing but smile at my amateur interpretation of human nature at its lowest - my own personal stab at selfish want.

As she dreamily tried to tease me back towards the light it came to me that my conscious neglect and subconscious desires had finally agreed to disagree, and in a slip-speed moment I made the decision to turn my back on her, as cold hearted as it was miss-timed. 

We lay against each other, both emotionally and territorially opposed, and as I felt, too late, that inevitable and inviting chill slide over me I turned my eyes towards the floor and tried to calculate the effort it would take to stretch down and grasp my discarded crimson sheet, that lay, as she now surely would, just out of my reach.

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