Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Am The Table!!

I've been working my way through a jar of organic, instant decaf this last week as a bit of an amateur experimental examination into what the hell is wrong with some people! Just how are they so calm and slow, especially in crowded metro stations when all I want to do is get past all these sedate, meandering weirdos at maximum speed using lightning reflexes to weave and duck?? Argh don't get me started. 

Ah well in fact I'm not even going to start, which is unusual right? It's the decaf kicking in, or rather, it's the decaf sucking the life out of me. I'm plodding along with a smile on my face instead of that determined grimace I normally sport at peak times, which could be a good thing depending on your point of view...

My point if view is there just isn't enough time for this kind of pleasantness right now, not in 2013, so next week I'm back on the real shit. And vodka again too possibly - been a while.

•   •  •

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  1. I can get behind this message. "Decaf Shmecaf," says I.


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