Monday, June 3, 2013

Forcibly Ejected


Yep, I got thrown out of a department store today for trying to buy a large black bag with a fake banknote. Actually, I was taken away in a truck, then dragged into a small brick outhouse where a small group of balding, security fuckwits tried to scare me into telling them where the rest of the fake bills are stashed, which I didn't expect to hear. There was a copy of Guantanamo Bay for Dummies on the desk I noticed. 


Later on I accidentally put the following image in E's head : being groped by a five-foot Mr Potato Head. I can't remember how it started but the result was she spent the evening squirming and occasionally murmuring the words "no" and "vegetable". I say "accidentally" but obviously it was deliberate ... feeling mean right now.

•.  •.  •


  1. I think I would feel a bit mean too after that experience. I could just imagine the liberties Mr. Potato head took. (Hugs)Indigo


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