Saturday, April 28, 2012

Speed and distraction

• let me
I sucked on the end of my index finger and poked it into the plastic bag
• my seat is still warm from that girl who was getting off when we got on, E informed me as I put my finger to her mouth. She opened wide like a good citizen and let me rub the substance on her gums
• I'm not sure, I told her, but this seat may have been kind of warm too. Did you see who got up?
• a large man.
• God no, I whispered. That was the last thing I needed to hear. I squirmed and clenched my ass cheeks a little.
E was sticking a wet finger into the bag
• that for me? I asked. She answered by poking it into my mouth. It was three in the afternoon. The other occupants of the carriage were either looking at us with annoyance or disgust, or simply pretending with great force that we weren't there.
• I love having a warm seat on the Metro, she said. It like traveling first class, underground.
I looked into the eyes of the disapproving lady sitting opposite us and nodded at her.
• we have warm seats, I told her whilst wondering why I was even bothering. She would never understand. I could feel my veins pulse in my eyeballs.


  1. Drugs and the Metro don't really mix, although it is amusing to read about.

    Although there's all these germs you get on your finger from public places, so...

    Yep. Too uptight to do drugs. That's me.

  2. I have greatly missed reading your blog.


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