Monday, April 9, 2012

Sparkling loon-hat

I'm seeing razor sparkles around the edges of my vision again, the result of my inability to relax, sleep or just kick back. E is giving me the caffeine talk as I sit here, which is amusing me no end because I've actually been pondering a return to the mute, sedated world of hard drugs these days and nights - mainly the days.

Surviving is becoming a tricky business - Nights, normally considered the hours of panic for anyone in this condition, are in fact are the easy part - I conquered wild-eyed insomnia years ago by just not going to bed and hitting the streets instead, feeding from the neon and sirens and finding inspiration in the habits of night people. Days are another story altogether but I'll get to that later. Time to get my thinking hat on.


1 comment:

  1. neon feeds many a hungry, insomniac soul.

    if you can't sleep at night, I certainly hope you're sleeping during the day.



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